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Marmaris is one of the most attractive tourist locations on the west Turkish coast. Built on a beautiful bay the city manages to combine both old and new architecture with charm. A visit to the famous Marmaris bazaar is for shop-aholics. Submerge yourself in the oriental atmosphere, revel in the culture, experience the Turkish cuisine and enjoy the sweet delights of Turkey, just a short cruise away, two countries, one holiday!!!

As you enter the natural harbour of Symi, you will be charmed by this beautiful island. One of the most picturesque islands of the Dodecanese, Symi promises its visitors peace and tranquility.

The main city of Gialos with its neo-classical houses climbing amphitheatrically up the hill, shows the grandeur of the island. Being world famous for its natural sponges has brought Symi a great wealth which is reflected in its local architecture and culture.

A stop at the beautiful bay of Panormitis is a must, the 17th century’s monastery of Saint Michael welcomes its pilgrims as well as its tourists to admire the treasures dedicated to the saint for his miracles. A visit to Symi should not be missed

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